Sunday, February 28, 2016

F Troop...

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Oh, there are sooo many things that I love about the funny F Troop!! I didn't even know about F Troop until a few years ago...and it's never lost it's funny-no matter how many times I watch it!!!!
I really like how Sergeant O'Rourke and Corporal Agarn are such good friends-and how they have O'Rourke Enterprises going on secretly!!!! It's so funny how Agarn cries and Sergeant try's to comfort him!!
And the way Captain Parmenter is more like their friend then Captain!! He's sooo funny and the way is always tripping over something...hilarious!!
I like how Wrangler Jan is with Captain Wilton!! It's so cute how Serg. and Agarn treat her like their sister and how they want Captain and Jan to get married!!!! And of course the way she dresses is the best part!! 
And Wild Eagle, Crazy Cat, Dobbs, and Duffy are all sooooo funny-especially the Indians!!! They all make up F Troop!! It's like Wild Eagle is the same way with Crazy Cat that Serg. is with Agarn-almost!!
Luv ya'll, F Troop stars!!

God Bless!!


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Serg., Agarn, Captain, and Jan.

Image result for f troop cast
Serg., Agarn, Jan, and Captain.

Image result for f troop cast
Serg., and Agarn.

Image result for f troop cast
Jan and Captain. 

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Wild Eagle and Crazy Cat.

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Image result for f troop cast

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Image result for f troop cast altogether
And once again, the four favorite's!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jesus, You're healing me...

I wanted to share with ya'll a song that I've written about an experience that I did/am going through...It's a little too long to go into right now, but if you have any questions that you would like to ask, comment and ask!! Or if you know another way to get a hold of me, don't hesitate!! I'll be happy to answer any questions that you ask(if I can)!!

So, here it is...

You're Healing Me By: Clo H.

(Verse 1) I can feel the dark mist all around me,
The pain in my chest is too much to bare,
I can't move, I can't breath, 
Oh, God, I need you!
I need you...

(Chorus) I can feel you healing me, I can feel you healing me, 
I feel you falling, all around me, 
The pain is leaving, I know you're healing me, 
Jesus, you're healing me!

(Verse 2) It's like I live in fear all the time, 
That the pain will return again, 
I feel the fear, I feel the doubt, 
Oh, God, I need you!
I need you...

(Chorus) And I can feel you healing me, I can feel you healing me, 
I feel you falling, all around me, 
The pain is leaving, I know you're healing me, 
Jesus, you're healing me!

(Bridge) You took the stripes for my healing!
Jesus, take the doubt, and take the fear, 
Take the pain and hold me near, 
In your healing arms...

(Chorus) And I can feel you healing me, I can feel you healing me, 
I feel you falling, all around me, 
The pain is leaving, I know you're healing me, 
Jesus, you're healing me! 
Ooh, Jesus, you're healing me!!

I Hope that you liked it, and maybe it helped someone who read it!! I pray it did!!
Hopefully I'll be posting it on YouTube soon(me singing it with my guitar)...and others songs that I've written, as well!!!

God Bless and I luv ya'll!!!



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This is me and Daddy early this year...

Monday, February 15, 2016

The Andy Griffith Show...

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The Andy Griffith Show...I grew up watching Andy and Barney getting into there scrapes, and Opie and Aunt Bee tagging along!! There are all kinds of things that I could name that I like about this show, but some of the highlight's will have to do!lolol
I love how Andy will make Barney feel as though he saved the day, when really Andy did everything!! 
I like the relationship between Opie and Aunt Bee is kind and sweet to her family and Barney is such a part of the family...
I like how Andy is so down-to-earth!!
And the side kicks and girlfriends are soo funny:Goober, Floyd, Helen, Thelma Lou, and Howard!!!

God Bless and I hope ya'll enjoyed!! 
Luv ya'll!! I've gotta run and do the dishes!! :(:(



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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


Okay, so I had this idea. I will answer some questions that are probably commonly asked of people.  They might not be questions that people are always asking me, but they are questions that I would like ya'll to know my answer's on. (Or questions that you would ask me if you knew me) 
So, here goes...

Q: Do you like being a part of a big family?
A: I used to wonder what it would be like to be an only child, but, yes, I like being a part of a big family. It's fun going through your day surrounded by brothers, sisters and your Daddy and Mama. It's great!!!
Q: Do you like living on a farm?
A: YES!!!!!!!!! Living on a farm I think helps you to learn how to do a lot more things!! It' fun, the animals, open fields, and country air!!! Totally amazing!!!!!!
Q: Is your belief in God something that you take seriously?
A: Absolutely. My belief in God is what I try to live my life based on. Of course, I fail sometimes-almost everyday-but that don't mean that it ain't VERY, VERY important to my heart, God, His Son, is my friend. My closest friend. I can tell Him anything and He's always there for me!!
Q: Why is TOBYMAC your favorite music artist?
A: Besides the fact that his music speaks truth, exalt's God/Jesus Christ, cherish's family, let's his son sing with him, includes his own family and wife in his music, has rap in it, and he has an great voice-there's really no reason why he is my favorite music artist!! Did that answer it okay??!!!
Q: What is your favorite type of TV shows to watch?
A: Well, I like mostly all types-western, comic, ect. But what I watch the most is comics!! I love laughing as I watch them!!! 
Q: What is your favorite comic series to watch?
A: I don't even have to think twice about that: I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Here's Lucy, and Gilligan's Island!! Those are the top ones, the ones I watch the most, but I love lots more!!haha
Q: Do you believe that ALL people are created equal?
A: Most certainly. I don't think that the color of someones skin should even matter. In God's eyes we are all the same-red, yellow, black, white-we are all the same. And if He don't consider the color of someones skin, then we shouldn't. Some of the nicest people that I know and grew up around are dark. And I have always loved Indians-who are mostly red. The men that signed the Declaration of Independence are hero's in my eyes. They wouldn't have signed it if they didn't believe that 'All men are created equal'. I could go on and on, but I'll end with saying this: All Men Are Created Equal. (Read Gal. 3:28 New King James Version)
Q: What is your favorite Britt Nicole album?
A: Oh, I couldn't possibly pick one to be my favorite!! I love her albums, love her music, and love her!! They're all great!!!!!
Q: What is your favorite TOBYMAC album?
A: Ah, man!!! They're all soooo AMAZING!!!!! From 'Momentum' to 'This Is Not A Test' is all my favorite!!!!!! Totally cool!!!!! They are ALL my favorite album!! Whichever I'm listening to at the moment is my favorite!!!
Q: Why do you like Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz so much?
A: They're sooooooooooooooo funny, sweet, and AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on and on, but I better stop before I get started, or else you'd be here all year!!!!lolol
Q: Why do you want to save your first kiss for your wedding?
A: First, because I think that if you kiss, then that could lead to other things-things that are only supposed to happen between a married couple. I think that it's best to save everything-kissing, closeness, sex, ect. for marriage. I think you should avoid anything that would possibly make you want to go to the next step...which you shouldn't go to. And second, I think it would so sweet to kiss for the first time when you are man and wife. Standing there in your white dress, cowgirl boots-your husband in his jeans, button down western shirt and cowboy boots(at least that's what I imagine me and my man wearing) and have your first kiss!!
Q: Why is it that you want to sing?
A: First, because I believe that that is what God wants me to do(one of the things, anyway), And I enjoy singing!! It's fun and soo cool!!!
Q: Do you have a role model in that area?
A: Yes, Britt Nicole is my role model. But TobyMac is such an encouragement and inspiration in that area, as well!!!!! 
Q: Why is Britt Nicole your role model in that area?
A: Because I want to sing the type of music that she sings. And she's such an great woman the way she's living for Jesus and not ashamed for Him!! (Of course, I wouldn't mind singing with TobyMac sometime!!!!)
Q: If you were to meet Britt Nicole and/or TOBYMAC, what would you do?
A: Cry!! Laugh!! Ramble on and on!! Be too shocked to say anything!!! Ask if I could hug them and have their autograph!!! Just stand there and smile!!!! Say "I can't believe it!!" or "Oh, wow!!" Scream!!! Jump up and down!!! Start feeling weak!!!! And I would DEFIANTLY thank God for helping me to meet them!!!!!

Well, I hope that ya'll enjoyed it!!

God Bless and I luv ya'll!!!


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 Me, taken this year on a photo shoot with my sisters.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Check this blog out...

Hey, just wanted to let ya'll know about a blog that I've found out about and you might want to check it out!!
It's the blog of my sister's friend, and here's the link:

I hope that ya'll enjoy it!!!

God Bless and I luv ya'll!!!!! :):):):):):)



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Friday, February 5, 2016


Yo, people, what's up?? First, I'd like to tell you to check out my friends blog, for her new book review/giveaway!! My sister has the book and she says that it's pretty amazing, so look into it!!

Below is some music videos of some of my FAVORITE music artist, so I hope that you enjoy them!! The videos are great, the singers are great, and the message's are great!! 
So, enjoy and be blessed, okay!!!!

TobyMac-Feel It. Latest album, This Is Not A Test.

TobyMac-Speak Life. Album Eye On It.

Britt Nicole-Believe. Album Say It.

Britt Nicole-Gold. Album Gold.

Group1Crew-Live It Up. Album Outta Space Love.

Group1Crew-Heaven(Live).Album #Faster(The person singing with him is not part of Group1Crew.)

For King and Country-Fix My Eyes.(Live)Album Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong.

For King and Country-Shoulders. Album Run Wild, Live Free, Love Strong.

God Bless and I luv ya'll!!!! Thank you millions for visiting my blog and supporting it!!
(Shalom's favorite artist EVER is For King and Country!! :):):)



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