Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Jesus, YOU MAKE THE DARKNESS tremble, Blog Tour Day #1....

I am so excited to share with ya'll about this book, written by Beth jane! This is her second book published, and IT IS SO GOOD!! It released yesterday and I'm honored to be kicking off the blog tour today! 
So let's get started!

First, I'll share the back description with ya'll!

There is so much darkness in the world...from failed relationships to suicide and school shootings. But while it may seem we're drowning in darkness, there is still Hope. And that Hope is in Jesus Christ.

Jesus, YOU MAKE THE DARKNESS, tremble touches on many subjects...such as relationships, anxiety, depression, and judging. 
This book shows how every generation, young and old, can rise up and get back to being honorable men and women of God. It shows how, with Jesus, we can kick the devil back to where he came from.

Are you ready to start making some darkness tremble? Are you ready to make it vanish? 

Yes? Then let's go?

Today I'm going to give a review of the book-and don't forget to look below to see the other dates and links to the rest of the blog tour!

The Message: This book's message is so powerful and true, we all need to get a hold of it! Beth jane takes the time to explain each topic, and how we can use the weapons God has given us to fight against this darkness! She shares the importance of living a life for Jesus, and not the way the devil tries to get us to live. 

The Topics: You can see above a few of the topics that the author talks about, but she addresses so many more! She gives scripture verses to go with each topic before she begins to share with us what
God has laid on her heart! The subjects she addresses are so important, and I can see around me how many of us need to hear the things written in this book.

Easy to Read: Even though there are a few long chapters, they are easy to read-as well as the whole book! The book is under 200 pages and Beth jane writes with the simplicity that is so easy to understand!

Loaded with note-worthy materiel: I highly recommend having a pen and paper handy when reading this book. There are so many important things I've read and wished I had written them down to put them on my wall to read. It's good to take notes to put somewhere to reflect on. Sometimes we may not read a book twice, no matter how good it is, so it's good to write down key things to have handy to look at!

I hope you will go and get your copy! You can find it on Amazon (at this link)!

Remember to keep up with the rest of the blog tour below!

And let's make some darkness tremble!!

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