Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Update on...

 So, just wanted to post to let ya'll know that I changed the Books/Movies and TV Shows page up a little bit. I took down all the pictures because of some warning thing that came up-didn't really understand it, but I took it down so there wouldn't be any trouble! lol

Also, I'm soo looking forward to having this cast off my leg day after tomorrow! I'm getting kinda tired of having to hop around the house with these crutches. Mama said they might have to put a walking cast on after they take this one off-and I'm not looking forward to that, either!
Note-Never fracture your ankle! Having a cast is miserable!
Here are some pic's:

Sitting down, chilling with sister's...

I took this for a friend...

Also, I wanted to share with ya'll the newest video on my YouTube channel-

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Thank ya'll and have a great day!

God Bless!!


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Saturday, August 13, 2016


Okay, so below are some selfie's I took a few minute's ago...my hair ain't brushed or anything, and I'm still in night clothes...but that's because I ain't gone downstairs to fix my hair or change since yesterday evening, because I sprained my ankle. (Check our my google + to read full story. Just type my name, Clo Hale, and you'll find me!)

So, what do ya'll think of my new haircut?? It's the shortest I've ever had it and I love it! 
What do ya think? Should I grow it back out or keep it short?

And here is the video I put on my YouTube channel about it!

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Hope ya'll enjoyed, and don't forget to let me know what you think!

God Bless!

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Legend...

A legend. That's what he was. There were very few who believed in his true existence years before, but most everyone thought that it was a man believing in a boys greatest wish-a wish that never came to pass.
Time after time has the story been told. Night after night has young ears gathered around to here of the adventure's of the hero. And still, after growing up with such, they still doubted. Even when they could see the belief in the one who raised them, they went day by day trying to make the young ones believe that what they were starting to believe themselves, was not real.
The teller knew that he had the proof...only where, he did not know. Which only made the others to doubt even more. He told them that one day, he would bring forth the evidence that the legend once lived...and lived mightily.
Oh, he what a wonderful sight he once was. Standing strong, his spotted color shimmering in the sunlight. He was loyal. The most loyal of them all. He challenged the ones that he thought brought trouble to his loved ones. He waited for them when required, eager to see them exit the dwelling so he could walk along side his family, ready to run to their rescue if the need arose.
Years past, and still the story was told to the new ones. They believed as they waited for the proof that what they had always believed in...was real.
And they waited...
Then the night came. As they all gathered anxiously around, holding their breaths for the final unveiling. The teller pulled things out, and one by one showed them pieces of his life, little pieces that brought tears to his eyes.
Then he brought something forth, and there is was. The legend as real as day. His broadness shone like the sun as he hunkered near the young one that he loved, and that loved him the most. You could see the pride on both their faces...pride at being able to call something so wonderful, his. And pride from the legend at being able to be had by someone great.
If you could look into the teller's eyes, you would see pride, loyalty, and most importantly from all the others, love. The one that kept the legend alive could finally look around into the faces and see belief, something that he had longed to see.
And if he was telling the story, he would be sure to say, 
"Ole' Sam loved to hunt."

This is a true story, ya'll. I grew up listening to story's about Daddy and his dog when he was young, Ole' Sam. The three oldest children didn't really believe that Ole' Sam was real. They thought that Daddy made him up or was greatly exaggerating. Daddy always said that he had a picture of him and Ole' Sam, but he didn't know what he had done with it.
Then the other night, we saw the picture of him and Ole' Sam, the picture that Daddy had always had. It was wonderful to see Ole' Sam. I love that dog, even though I have never met him. And Daddy loves him. 
Ole' Sam was the greatest dog that ever lived. He was a 'pure breed blue tick coon hound', the first that Papa (Daddy's Daddy) had ever had. He paid forty dollars for him, and later someone offered Papa four-hundred dollar's for Ole' Sam...which Papa wouldn't take. Papa loved dog's and loved Ole' Sam. Ole' Sam was Papa's, but hung around Daddy most of the time. Ole' Sam loved his family, all of Daddy's sister and brother, Papa and Mamie (Daddy's Mama). He was a championship coon hound. He loved hunting with Daddy and Papa. 
His color was unique. He was white with blue spots all over him. He was big, broad and wonderful. His bark was different from all the others...a good different. He would wait outside the Church for them to come out when they were in, and walked everywhere with them. He would protect them and guard them. 
And once when they thought that they had lost him, it tore Papa all up...that's how much they loved him. But he found his way home. 
I remember one time Daddy said that they were coon hunting with other dogs and Ole' Sam (Ole' Sam was usually the leader). Somehow the coon got out of the tree and the other dogs attacked it, but it fought them off. When they backed off, Ole' Sam charged into in, attacking and killed it! 
I think that's amazing...all these dogs couldn't get one coon, but let Ole' Sam near, and he overcomes it.
There are so many more stories that I could tell you, and I might share some more of them sometime.
Below is the picture of Daddy and Ole' Sam. I took it from different angles, so maybe you can see it good.
I don't know who all feels this way, but I love and miss Ole' Sam as though I had lived with him my whole life. And to me, I hope that he is a legend that will never be forgotten.

God Bless!


(Sorry for mistakes) 
Daddy and Ole' Sam...