Books, Movies/TVShows, and Music...

THE BIBLE IS MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! My favorite books in there are-Revelation, Acts, John, and Esther.

Here are the list of author's that I read:

Tricia Goyer (her WW2 books)

Janette Oke (including the books that T. Davis Bunn co-wrote with her)

List of books/Devotionals that I've read by others:

For Jesus Sake (Sarah E. Ladd)

Not Abandoned (MacKenzie Morganthal)

Unbroken (Laura Hillenbrand-ADULT BOOK)

Pure (Rebecca St. James)

Ronald Reagan 100 Years (Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation)

Acts of Faith series (T. Davis Bunn, co-written by Janette Oke)

Gold of Kings (T. Davis Bunn)


If I have Adult Movie beside certain ones, that is only my opinion of might be any age, but parents might want to approve them. 

I Love Lucy complete series

The Lucy Show complete series

Here's Lucy complete series

Gilligan's Island complete series

The Andy Griffith Show complete series

Unbroken (ADULT MOVIE)

Grace Unplugged (Adult Movie)

God's Not Dead 1and2

Do You Believe?

Alone, Yet Not Alone (Contains Indian violence)

Beyond The Mask (2015)

Brother White

It's A Wonderful Life

White Christmas

Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Amazing Grace (Adult Movie)

Belle (2014)

Dolphin Tale 1and2

 Last Flight Out

Matthew (Starring Bruce Marchiano)

The Ten Commandments

Judah Ben Hur

The Robe (Adult movie)

Faith Of Our Fathers (Contains some war scenes)


Les Miserables (Starring Liam Neeson-Adult Movie)

One Night With The King (parents approval for probably thirteen and under)

What If

Marriage Retreat

Moms Night Out

The Encounter 1and2


Kim Walker-Smith

Jen Johnson

Jesus Culture

Terry MacAlmon

Kari Jobe

Meredith Andrews


  1. Love 'em all! One problem tho, G1C should be at the first of ur music!!!!! So change that sis!

    1. In my opinion, TobyMac is the GREATEST music artist!!! Nice try, though, but G1C don't come very first, sorry!!

  2. AWESOME!! Great idea to list all your favs! I like some of the movies and the one of the tv shows you listed and I absolutely LOVE TobyMac!!

  3. SOOO glad that you love TobyMac!! He's so awesome, right?!

  4. Yeah, but Brit Nicole is a totally close second!

    1. Me like the updates, LOL! I love the movies "Dolphin Tale 1 and 2"!


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