About Me...

My family! (I'm in the peach looking shirt in the back)

     Hello, ya'll, from Chloe! Just wanted to take a minute this night and update my profile. I am a Christian, and I'm very #UNASHAMED of that fact. I love Jesus, He is my best friend. He has healed my heart and healed me physically, as well.  
I'm just going to make a list of some facts about me and some things that I love to do...
-God has helped me publish the book, which He gave me the words to write, titled The Light and you can found out more about on the page The Light or by clicking The Light name above to visit my website or to purchase it!
-God has given me many songs
-I love God
-I love being outside
-I play the guitar
-I love Lucille Ball (fan of her shows)
-I like to shoot 
-I enjoy guns and knives
-I like ball gown type dresses
-I like history...mainly the wars
-The wars that I like the most are The Civil War, The Revolutionary War, World War II, The French and Indian War, and The War of 1812...and maybe Vietnam
-I like to hunt
-I LOVE to sing
-I also ENJOY so act, and will soon be pursuing singing and acting as I feel that is what God wants me to do
-And I ENJOY being funny

Well, I hope that I didn't miss anything! Thanks, folks, for reading all about me!

Love ya'll!!

Ali, my best friend, and me last November


  1. Really Nice!!! Cool pic too! :0

    1. Hey, thanks! I wasn't sure if I liked the pic, but it's starting to grow on me! hahaha I think that pic was taken this year some time...

  2. Hey Chloe! I mentioned you in my post! Here's the link: https://darlinginspirations.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/1-month-anniversaryliebster-award/

    1. thx so much!!!!!!!!! i went and read ur post!!! real neat-o!!!
      Is. 53:5

    2. I really like the update! I love being funny too! LOL! I also love to read!

    3. thx! ikr, they're such fun to do!!


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