Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day...

So, I found out a little while ago that today is memorial day...(yeah, I guess it was silly not to know! yike)
Anyway, I want to honor the loved ones of my family that have passed, and the men and women who have given their lives fighting for our country.

Okay, so I would like to Honor-

My younger brother, Jonathan...
My little sister, Rala...
My Papa(Daddy's Daddy)...
My Mamie(Daddy's Mama)...
My Aunt Diane(Daddy's little sister)...
My Uncle Mike(Daddy's brother-in-law)...
My Great-Aunt Nell(Daddy's Aunt)...
My Grannie(Mama's Mama)...
My Uncle Bill(Mama's brother)...
My cousin John(Mama's nephew)...
My Aunt Tina(Mama's sister)...

And to all the soldier's who have given us this great country we live in with their lives...all the way back to the Revolutionary War...
Below are some pictures that I got off line...

Image result for soldiers holding up the flag
I love this one...I have a copy of it in my scrapbook...
Image result for women soldiers

Image result for american women soldiers helping carry wounded

Image result for american  soldiers

Image result for american  soldiers

Image result for american  soldiers  carrying the wounded

Image result for Jesse Arthur Hale
My Papa-Jesse Arthur Hale-also served this country in the United States Army.

Image result for louis zamperini
Louis Zamperini also served the United States Army.

I don't have pictures of all of my family members who have passed on, so...sorry about that!

Happy Memorial's Day!!

God Bless!!!!!


(Sorry for mistakes)

P.S. My best friend from will be leaving for Africa in a couple of please pray for a safe trip and that her mission trip goes wonderful for her and the ones that she is with!! Thank you!!
I'm sad...

Me and Alisha...last month on my birthday when she was visiting...

For the next three and a half months I will be sad not talking to her...maybe ones a week.... :(:( I'm sad...just thought I'd throw that in there!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Updates and Patty Duke...

Just wanted to let ya'll know that I've updated the Books, Movies/TV Shows page. I added some books and moves that I've recently watched and read! 
And I also updated the About Me page. So, go check them out!

Image result for the patty duke show

Some things that I like about The Patty Duke Show is for one-Patty!! She's so funny, sweet, and sarcastic!!
And Cathy is so kind, moves about the room with a sweet smile on her face! And her accent is so adorable!
I also the way Richard, Ross, Martin, Natalie are in the show!! And the way Richard and Patty act when their not mad at one another is sooo funny!!

Let me know the things that you like about the show!

(Btw, for those who don't know, Patty Duke died this past March 29...)
Below are some pictures from the show!

God Bless!!!


(Sorry for mistakes) 
Note: I've yet to see the third season of Patty Duke.

Image result for patty duke show
Patty right, Cathy left...identical cousins!
Image result for patty duke show


Image result for patty duke show

Image result for patty duke show
Martin, Patty's father

Image result for patty duke show
Martin and Patty

Image result for patty duke show
Patty and Richard

Image result for patty duke show
Martin and Cathy, and Natalie and Patty

Image result for patty duke show
The Lane family-Marin and Natalie, with children Patty and Ross