Thursday, January 19, 2017


I've got some news, folks...I finished the book I was writing!! Monday at almost two o'clock in the morning I wrote these words that God gave me, the last line in the book and the last two words:

And who says that miracles don't happen?

-The Beginning-

I don't like saying my book because it's not mine. God showed me what to write down and I'm sooooo thankful and thrilled that He did!

So, let me know if you want to read some more from it...I'll try to find a passage that doesn't give too much away! I'll be starting the website for it soon and I'll let ya'll know when I do so you can check it out if you want! 

God Bless you all!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 KJV


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Human Trafficking Awareness Day...

A war was fought over a hundred years ago to free people that were held in bondage. They were freed, thank God. But does that mean that slaves don't exist anymore?

There are still slaves who need freeing. With God's help and ours, many of them can be freed.

Help Human Trafficked victims!

Visit Catching Fire's Channel at: Catching Fire's Channel

When we and our great friends went and saw "Priceless" by For King And Country.

God Bless!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4;13 KJV


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Worth More Than Diamonds...

So, here the video I put on my YouTube channel last night. Hope that it speaks to you and that you enjoy it! (At the end I sing the song God gave me that some people from my blog party wanted to hear me sing!)

Love all of ya'll out there!

God Bless you beyond measure!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 KJV