Wednesday, July 27, 2016



Okay, so below is the video I made with the answer's to all the questions I was asked on my YouTube channel and here on my blog. I uploaded the video's (had to make it a part 1 and 2)onto my YouTube, and put them here on my blog for all of you!
So, I hope that ya'll enjoy!
Part One...

Part Two...
And click the link below to visit my YouTube channel:

Here are some pic's of when my Daddy was a little boy that I want to show all of you! He just showed them to us this evening before Bible Time...there is one picture that I will leave out for the next post that I want to do. Ya'll will see it then! 

Daddy-looking back at the camera-with two of his sister's and some others...

Daddy with his homemade bow and arrow...

Daddy getting baptized-I believe someone else was also getting baptized. Daddy is in the middle...

The same day-Daddy in the middle...Handsome, wasn't he?...

Daddy-all dressed up! He looks so neat-o and cute...

Come Back!

God Bless!


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Friday, July 15, 2016

Q and A...and Pictures...

Hello...Guess what? I've decided to do a Question and Answer here on my blog! I'm doing the Q and A on my YouTube channel, as check that out!
Anyway, I want you to ask AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT, down below in the comment box. And the same on my YouTube channel-ask AS MANY QUESTIONS AS YOU WANT in the comment box there on the Q and A video I just published. 
And when ya'll are through asking, I'll make a video on my YouTube channel answering the questions from here and there...I'll put the video with the answer's here on my blog from my channel, also. 
So, please ask TONS of questions, because I love answering questions-and ask ANY question you want!

Here is the video that I put on my YouTube channel about the Q and A here and there:
And click the link below to get to my YouTube channel:

And below are some pictures...I just wanted to post some pic's of "yours truly"! :) (I hope that ain't a vain it?)

Me, at a State Park the family wen to a few weeks ago...

Beth and me at the For King and Country concert we went to a few weeks ago...

Late last year...

This was years ago...The date on the pick says 2013...

On my birthday some years 13th, I think...

I hope that ya'll enjoyed!

And don't forget to ASK TONS OF QUESTIONS!

Luv ya'll!

God Bless!!!!


(Sorry for mistakes)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Describe Me Challenge...

So, my sister Shalom nominated me for this Describe Me challenge, so I'm doing! 

First, I thank the blog the who nominated me.
Thank you, Shalom, for picking me! 
Go visit Shalom's amazing blog: Shalom's Blog 

Choose a song that describes your music taste:
That's a really, really hard one, so I'm gonna pick three songs-

Image result for tobymac feel it
(Although I love all of his songs, but this one is from his new album)

The same goes for Britt Nicole...except this ain't from her newest album...

This is my favorite song of Skillet...

Choose an outfit that describes your fashion taste:

Image result for korey cooper style

And something similar to this...I mostly like the cowgirl things from the 1800's westerns...
Image result for cowgirl outfits

But I also love ball gown dresses...not the halter neck line for me, though! lol
I had to fill in the front a

Choose one meal (including drink) that describes your food taste:

Image result for fried chicken dinner
I love my Mama's fried chicken dinner-sweet potato pie, creamed corn, and rolls!
And I mainly drink water now...but I love most all drinks...

Choose one book that describes you/changed your life: 

I'm gonna put my reading style which is:
Image result for sophies daughters saga mary connealy
All of Mary Connealy's books are WONDERFUL! (Adult books)

Image result for tricia goyer swiss courier saga
And I've read almost all of her books, and love all of them! (Adult books)

And lastly choose one quote that describes what you want for your life:

Image result for britt nicole quotes

And I have to nominate someone else, so I nominate Beth at Beth's Blog

Hope that ya'll enjoyed!

God Bless!


(Sorry for mistakes)