Saturday, May 20, 2017

"The Lady Sheriff" Continued....

Howdy! I thought it was time to answer any questions that were asked from the last post!

So, first question: "Is this like, a book you are writing, that you are going to turn into a movie? Or are these characters that you have ready to turn into a movie?"-Olivia

"Olivia, thanks for the questions! I'm sorry that I didn't make it clear when I did the post about Becky Coleman. The Lady Sheriff is an idea I had for a movie when I was twelve years old. All the theme, characters, episodes, ect. are in my mind. I truly believe that God has given me the idea to put into a movie and then into season's that follow."-Chloe

Second question: "Pete, how's it feel to be settled down now when you lived in such contrast to that? Do you like ranching or being a lawman best?"

I'll let Pete Conway answer this question since it was directed to him.

"Runnin' 'round was all I had known most of my life-was all most of the gang knew. I reckon maybe we saw runnin' as a safe place, keepin' us busy so we didn't have too much time to think, to remember things. But then when God hands ya a home, a real home...nothin' compares to that. I wouldn't trade this for anythin'-except gettin' to see Jesus face to face.
And as for likin' ranchin' or lawman best-ya sure know how to ask a hard question. Deep inside I've always wanted to ranch, to be out there on the range herdin' the cattle, watchin' somethin' ya work hard for build up. And now I have a God-givin', life long partner by my side so we can work together. But bein' able to help people, defend the ones who can't defend themselves, workin' with other friends in the law business...I dunno. I'd say I like 'em both just the same. God gave 'em both to me. I wouldn't go back to where He brought me from for nothin'."-Pete

Thank ya'll so much that asked questions! 
And if you would like me to do another post regarding The Lady Sheriff or any of the cast, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to do so!!

God Bless ya'll!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 (KJV)


Saturday, May 6, 2017

Questions for "The Lady Sheriff"....

Here I am! I special THANK YOU to my sweet sister, Reya Heya for the surprise happy birthday post! Love you, sister!

Now, here is the post with Becky Coleman that I said would be. I know I said that it would be an interview, but really it's just a few questions for her.

Beth from This Redeemed Girl and Sunshine Girl blogs is asking the questions! 

I will once again list the cast list!

Bill Johnson
Clyde Miller
Pete Conway
Homer Bradley
Tim Lawrence
Becky Coleman
Eliza Sholtz
Curt Sholtz
Amy Hall
Martha Sholtz
Brenda Coleman
Jinger Reynolds

And here are a list of reappearing guest cast (so far!):

Buck Coleman
Ryan Coleman
Katie Coleman
Sheriff Nathan Coleman
Wild Bill
Mr. and Mrs. Sholtz
Mark Slade
David Logan

So, here we are the questions for Becky Coleman, she Sheriff of Princepool, and her answers:

1. "When you were stealing, did you feel conscience about it?"
I stole for one reason only-to be famous, so the man that I hated most would hear about me and know that I turned out to be someone, against what he always told me. I was so hate-filled that I was driven by that. No, I felt no conscience about what I was doin'. I stole, I hated, I was famous, and the law was after me, but conscience was somethin' I wouldn't let in. 

2. "How did you feel when the first bounty was put on your head?"
 Clyde rode up to the campsite with the WANTED poster, with the bounty written on it, in his hand and handed it to me, and as I looked at it, I felt...glad. I was becomin' known and that was what I wanted. And I felt driven. Driven to continue, to go for more. To steal more, escape from more jails and outsmart more lawmen.
But in that very moment, the second I saw the bounty, the first thought in my head was, "He'll know now. He'll know that I'm somebody".

3. "Your friend Pete hid behind a gun, your friend Tim hid behind laughter, Homer hid behind the bottle, and Clyde hid behind silence; how did you hide your fears?"
All of us, Coleman gang, hid our feelings behind somethin'. And our fears. We hid them too. I hid behind what I was doin'. Behind the hate that was drivin' me for more. And maybe I even hid behind my friends. But we all knew what we didn't speak. We all knew that we were hidin', but also knew that it was never hid from each other, even when we didn't say anythin'.

4. "What was your first feeling when you saw the Sheriff Bill Johnson?"
Longing. The first thing I saw was his eyes. And in those eyes I saw peace, hope and love. I just wanted to know what it was and I wanted it. At the time I didn't know that it was God and when I did find out I was angry. But when I first saw him I just felt a deep longin'. I didn't know what love was, was peace or hope was. But Praise God I know now.

5. "Was being an outlaw ever boring?"
Oh, no. There was hardly ever a dull moment. We were either stealin' or breakin' out of jail, with the help of Tim's skill, or runnin' from the law. Always doin' somethin'. When we did have a 'dull moment', there was always a talk with one of my friends, or arguin' over what we should do next.
We each always had somethin' that we did on our own time-Clyde would make sure that we were okay and spend some time with his thoughts. Pete would be in the street, ready to draw and kill. Tim would talk and laugh, make jokes. Play poker with Homer and pass the bottle. Homer would stay quiet and drink, mostly nodding when spoken to, just a little more of how he always was. And I would think, fight nightmares or make sure my friends were alright. Sometimes I would just sit there watchin' them. Hurtin' not only for me but for them, what they had gone through.

6. "What is your most difficult challenge being a Sheriff during the nineteenth century?"
Sometimes it seems as though we all, all of us, have is challenges to face every day. The most difficult for me-standin' up for what God had called me to do against what people say and do. I ain't a Sheriff for fame or because I wanna be like a man. No, I'm a Sheriff because God has called me to be. I truly know that Jesus stands beside me every day as I walk down the street or sit in the office. This job is hard, very hard. Sometimes I feel like givin' up, quittin'. But God reminds me that staying with Him is far greater then staying with the world. He gives me strength to go on.
And you might be wonderin' why God would call a woman to somethin' so dangerous, to a 'man's field'. Well, I recall in the Bible how the prophetess Deborah went into battle with Barak and God delivered the evil king into the hands of a woman.
He has also helped me through my friends and my family and blessed me in ways beyond my wildest dreams. Yes, the devil had tried to hinder God's plan, but God has came out on top every time! He's given my friends and me the strength to do what He has called us to do!
God has used me in so many ways and as long as I live I will continue to fight on His side.

I hope that ya'll enjoyed this. And, please, if you have any questions for any other of the Coleman Gang or cast or Becky or any questions relating to the list of cast and who they are or do, leave them in the comments or ask through the contact bar on the side and they will answer them here in hopefully the next post! And also if you have any questions for me related to this, I will be more then happen to answer them, as well!!
Thank you, Beth, for the questions! I so appreciate it!

Love ya'll!

God Bless!!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13, KJV


Sunday, April 23, 2017

Happy Birthday Chloe, From Your Sister Reya HeyaπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰


This is Chloe's sister Reya, I am posting on her blog today because it is her birthday and I wanted to tell her a B.I.G Happy Birthday!!!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ’–

Chloe with her friend Sydney! 

Chloe with her "dahling bestie" Alisha! 

Chloe with her sister Beth!

Chloe and Alisha! 

Remembering you on your special day and wishing you happiness forever, my dearest sister. 
May God Bless You.
I hope you have an awesome day! 

Happy Birthday Chloe! I love you and hope you have the best day ever! 

Happy Birthday for My litlle sister ❤️:
Ps. That's about the height of us, Lol! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜œ

Love You Sister!πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

Monday, March 27, 2017

The Lady Sheriff...

So, most of you probably know that I feel like I should act in Christian, Jesus lifting movies in the future and also produce/direct some.
Anyone who knows that I have a YouTube channel knows the name, Becky Coleman's Badge. This is where the name came from...

There is a TV series that I plan are producing where I play Becky Ann Coleman.
Becky is a girl who grew up in an abusive home and at the age of twelve ran away, joining the cow drive that her friend, Clyde, was in. Clyde and Becky and three other boys, who also don't have a home, become close friends and at the age of fourteen she starts a gang, with her four friends as her members and they go on the verge of cattle/horse rustling.  
But they will do anything for one another.

Years later the Coleman gang is one of the best known gangs in the area. No matter how many times they are arrested, they always escape. 

They all have different ways of hiding they're feelings, even through they all know each other so well. They all have different characteristics that they always keep along the way.
Clyde Miller hides behind trying to help them where he can, giving advice sometimes, he being a few years older then the others.
Pete Conway hides behind his fast gun, quickly becoming the well known gunman.
Homer Bradley says little to nothing, keeping hid behind his silence. And his bottle.
And Tim Lawrence keeps hidden behind a smile and a laugh.
Becky stays hidden behind her hate and bitterness. Depending on only herself and the four others.

When Becky sees the eyes of a sheriff, Bill Johnson, she sees a light there that she finds herself wanting more then anything. Wanting it enough to put herself in a position to be arrested by him so she can find out.

She finds out it's God, Bill taking this chance to witness to her about Jesus. She shares her life, her nightmare childhood. 

After much more, (I can't tell everything to spoil it!), she ends up in another town, Princepool, with a badge on her chest and her four friends standing by her side. And another person who rides into town stands by her, giving her a new friend. 
And many more friends to follow.

The reason for all this is that Beth, from This Redeemed Girl, will be interviewing Becky Coleman here for the next post, so I wanted to fill ya'll in a little bit about exactly who Becky Coleman is.

And here is the list of cast names, in case any are mentioned in the interview so you will know who they are-

Bill Johnson
Clyde Miller
Pete Conway
Homer Bradley
Tim Lawrence
Eliza Sholtz
Curt Sholtz
Amy Hall
Martha Shaltz
Brenda Coleman
Jinger Reynolds

And yes, that might be a big cast!

I hope you enjoyed and are looking forward to the interview within the next few days!

Have a wonderful day!

God Bless!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 KJV



Friday, March 17, 2017

Jesus VS. World PT. 2-Why Am I Single?...

Yup, that's another thing about this world-they thing that you are supposed to have a boyfriend/girlfriend as soon as possible, sleep with someone within a few days of dating, ect.

Being single is not bad, it's not miserable and it's not that no one likes you. Just because this world is telling you to find someone DOES NOT mean that you should do that! The world's view of this and God's view are different. The world wants you to do it yourself, find someone. God wants to you trust Him, pray for each other. Pray that He will prepare you for that step in life.

Here are three reason's why you might still be single while you're trusting God for your spouse:

-One or both of you ain't ready
-One or both are stubborn and ain't open to see what He's trying to do
-One or both of you have a certain thing you expect/want in the other and won't look at anything but that

Now, there could be more reason's.

You see, we have to be FULLY surrendered to God and His will for us. If we're not, then things will not go the way that they are supposed to for us. We should want what He wants for us!

And we have to learn to be content where we are. When you let what others say bring you down, when you let yourself become miserable then you will become so desperate that you will go for something that is not what God wants-and you could make a BIG mistake.

I'm happy where I am. I know that having a man is not going to make me happy. But an intimate relationship with Jesus will. We should use this time to grow close to God, listen to His Voice.

For when each future spouse grows/draws closer to God, we will draw closer to each other.

"In thee, O Lord, do I put my trust;..."
Psalm 31:1 KJV

I love you all!

God Bless!!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 KJV


By the way-who all likes the new blog look??


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Jesus VS. World...

You know, this world is gonna tell you things. SO many things and most can hurt you...Make you cry at night.

It'll tell you that:

You're not pretty.
You're overweight.
No boy will like you because of what you look like.
You don't fit in to 'the group'.
You'll never make it.
And tons of other hurtful words, but you know what all these things are. I can tell you in one word:

Lies that are straight from the devil.

You know, we are made in God's Holy image and that makes us beautiful. David said in Psalms that "I am fearfully and wonderfully made."
And it's good to eat healthy, but what you weigh is not so important that you should be miserable to be a certain size. What makes you  truly beautiful is not what you look like on the outside but what you are on the inside. How much you love Jesus and serve Him. THAT is what makes someone beautiful, and when they are lovely on the inside-then they become lovely/beautiful on the outside. You are always beautiful, I believe, because we are made in His image but when we let Christ in and start serving Him, then I believe we take on a extra beauty.
And you shouldn't want any man to like you in that way except the one that God had out there for you (the same for boys wanting girls to like them). When you want someone to like you then you are wanting them to be unfaithful to their future spouse. And guess what-the right one WILL like you no matter what you look like, they will think that you are the most beautifully made person on the face of God's earth! Just wait. That one will come in God's timing. The waiting period is letting God make you both ready, praying for each other!
And if you are following God's plan for your life, then you will make! If you stay on His path and rely on Him for strength then He will be there to help you.
And guess what else-


The Bible says we are not of this world! (John 17:16 KJV) If we fit in, then they will not see our light shining for Jesus! (Matthew 5:16 KJV) We are supposed to shine!! 

Don't listen to what this world says because it is so NOT TRUE and so NOT WORTH it! 

Listen to what God says, because that is SO TRUE and SO WORTH it!

"I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well."
Psalm 139:14 KJV

I love you all!

God Bless!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 KJV


Monday, March 13, 2017

"Freedom" Poem by Chloe...

Here is a poem I wrote when I was in High School. I hope that ya'll enjoy!
(Sorry that is might not be too good or not formed right, but in school Literature was not my best subject!)

by Chloe Hadassah

We were in bondage, held by chains
Living in sorrow, and great pains
In our cry for deliverance, we gave a great plea
So at Boston Harbor, we threw in the tea
Then at last, the first shot rang out
And the men who gave their lives lay about
In eight years, our Freedom we won
The decades of slavery, they were gone
But all of this, it will not ever compare
To the Man, who took all our despair
The glorious Freedom we find in Him
No song can some close, not even a hymn
Yes, He took the sins of the world upon Him
            was nailed to a tree
He suffered as no man has
                     He did it for you and me
His Name is Jesus, the Son of God
     Heaven He's in
Surrender your heart, receive His grand Freedom
       from all your sin

I hope that you enjoyed it! 

Love ya'll!

God Bless!!

Is.53:5, Phil.4:13 KJV