Monday, June 27, 2016

Father's Day and Birthday Pictures...

Here are some pictures from Father's Day and Shalom's Birthday...

Shalom's Birthday-

The bike that Daddy and Mama got her...

Daddy doing Shalom's Dedication on Sunday (her actually birthday date...)

Fathers Day-

The birthday say sign was still up in the background! lol

The cross-stitching I told ya'll that I made for him...It says:
"Any man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy."
The same picture a little bigger for you...

Outside looking at the picnic table (still in the box) we got him...
We also got him some tools and a fire pit...

Shalom got lots of things...too many to count!


God Bless!!!


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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day...

There are not enough words to say what an amazing Daddy I have! Not only is he very, very smart, but he loves God and his family. He's done so much for us...
I love it when he's sitting there, the younger boys on his lap, and whoever else is in the room sitting around, listening to him tell a story from when he was a little boy, or about his dog he had growing up, Ole' Sam.
There is this one incident that I will never forget...
I was having one of those episodes with terrible chest pain. Laying on my bed, Mama sitting there too, praying, and I was crying and wondering why the medicine the doctor gave me wasn't working...and Daddy came down. 
He laid his hand on my head and starting praying, commanding me to be Healed in Jesus' name. It was then that I really realized just how much he loved me-just how much I was loved. 
I felt like crying and might have...I had finally realized after almost eighteen years, how much I was loved by my Daddy...and Mama.
I'm very thankful for Daddy. The devil tried to take him from us in 2011 with a heart attack-but God! Last Father's Day I made him a sign that said "Happy Father's Day to the world's greatest Daddy"-and that is the honest to goodness truth!
I'm proud to say that Pastor Ralph Hale is my Daddy.
"Daddy, I love you! You mean so much to me-and not only you,but you're encouragement, wonderful advice, and help when I need it! 
I know that saying 'thank you' ain't enough, but all I can say right now is Thank You for being here! Thank you for who you are!"

Below is  a song that I wrote for Daddy and will be singing it for him at Church...

"Hero of the Year"
By: Chloe 

(Verse 1) It is your Faith in God, that helps me as I search deep into His Word, 
It is your helping hand, that helps lift people's burden's, 
And it's your kind smile, that brightens someone's day,
It's everything you do, that makes you who you are-

(Chorus) There are firemen and marines,
Policemen and the swat team,
All of them always getting, their names in the papers, 
For always being Hero's, 
But Daddy, to me, 
You won the Hero Of The Year-

(Verse 2) It was your kind words, that let me know that I was loved, 
It is your encouragement, that means so much to me, 
And it's when I'm hurt, I'm glad that you are there,
It's everything you do, that makes you who you are-

(Repeat Chorus)

(Tag) And I remember...a little girl following her Daddy around, 
Learning so much, so much from You,
And hands laying on me telling the devil to flee, 
It's everything you are, that makes me proud to be your daughter-

(Repeat Chorus)
Note: I'm writing this from memory, so some words might be changed.

I also cross-stitched him something that says "Any Man can be a Father, but it takes someone special to be a Daddy." It also has a boy making a bird house with his Daddy leaning over him that I cross-stitched with it. (Hopefully I can let ya'll see a picture soon!)

Happy Father's Day to all of you Daddy's out there!!

God Bless!!!!

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Daddy and me this past December...
Daddy on the boys fishing trip a while back...
And Daddy with the boys-Samuel in red shirt, Noah in front of him, and Joseph with Daddy's arm around him...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Special Day...

Today we are celebrating my younger sister's birthday! Shalom will be turning thirteen...the last sister to turn thirteen! This fact made the oldest sister, Anna Ruth, sad...
Anyway, her actual birthday is tomorrow, but with Father's Day and all, we are celebrating her big day today!
Happy Birthday, Shalom! Remember, keep your focus on Jesus!
Love ya lots!!

Below are some pictures of my little sister!

God Bless!!!!!!

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Shalom and me this past December...

Shalom on a photo shoot we had (either early this year or late last year...not sure)...

Photo shoot...


A selfie she took-probably last year...

And Shalom with her cherished "For King and Country" T-shirt-her all-time-favorite singers... 

Sunday, June 12, 2016


My sister, Sarah, will be doing a video answering and discussing questions regarding purity. What are some of the biggest drawbacks that people have when it comes to purity? Any questions that you can think of, please comment below and ask, and we'll address them in the video! and myself will be in the video with Sarah. Sarah has a passion for purity and will love to answer any questions that you have!

God Bless!!!!!!

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Visit Sarah as her purity blog at: and her other blog at:

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Big Valley...

The Big Valley...I really like this show!!
For those of you who don't know about it, I'll let you know what it's about.
The main characters are Victoria Barkley, and her sons and daughter-Jarrod, Nick, Heath, Eugene(although he was only in a few episodes...) and Audra.
Victoria lost her husband some years ago when she show started. She lives on their big ranch while trying to help her family with their troubles, Nick runs the ranch, lawyer Jarrod runs his practice in town, Heath helps works on the ranch, Eugene gets busy in college, and Audra is Audra.

Victoria is my favorite! I love how she lets her children make their own choices(seeing as to how the men are probably late twenties, early thirties). And the way she will defend her children, no matter what she has to do! She's a strong, lovable, and independent woman.
Nick is my second favorite! He has such a hot temper, and it flares over the littlest things, but maybe that's why I like him so much-I can understand about his temper! He has a hard time showing how he feels when it comes to his family, especially Heath, but he cares so much for them! 
Heath has had a lot of hurt in his life, so it makes him kinda solemn and quiet. But he's real nice, and is a good brother and son...him and Audra get along real good!
Jarrod is really, really a great person in the show!! He's a lawyer, so he likes to do things by the law a lot, but he is nice. He's always complimenting Victoria or Audra with his charm that he must have got from law school! And the way him and Nick are is soo funny!
Eugene really wasn't in it enough to say anything about him...
And Audra...a lot of people might not like her, but I do. She sticks by Victoria a lot, I think. She gets along good with her brothers, and I think she has a big heart!
And I like how close the brothers are with each other, their mother, and their sister! 
I don't know, I really like The Big Valley!! 

I hope that you enjoyed this post, and below are some pictures of them all!

God Bless!!!!

(Sorry for mistakes)

Image result for the big valley
Back row, left to right: Jarrod and Nick. Front row, left to right-Audra, Victoria, and Heath...

Image result for the big valley eugene barkley
Eugene Barkley...

Image result for the big valley
Not very good quality... 

Image result for the big valley

Image result for the big valley
The Barkley brothers...

                                Heath, Nick, and Audra...Nick and Heath...Eugene, Audra, and Victoria...

Image result for the big valley
Heath and Victoria...

Image result for the big valley
Victoria-she can be in pants and shooting one moment...

Image result for the big valley
Or in a dress being a lady the next...

Image result for the big valley jarrod barkley

Image result for the big valley nick barkley

Image result for the big valley heath barkley

Image result for the big valley audra barkley

Image result for the big valley eugene barkley
And Eugene...