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the SHIELD series Blog Tour Day #1....

Hello, everyone! I am SUPER excited to be the one to kick off this epic blog tour for Beth jane's book, the SHIELD series, two books in one cover!!

To start off this tour, I'm gonna share with ya'll the Prologue to the SHIELD series, book one!

So, here is the Prologue to book one in the series. (One of my favorite parts!)


   December, 1999

   Amber Riley stepped out into the dark night with a shiver. The glow of the many lights normally would have felt like angels guiding her home, making the path clear for her. But tonight the lights didn’t seem to glow; the angles didn’t seem to guide her home.
 Amber shuddered for no reason at all but that her heart was telling her there was danger. She didn’t know what danger; all she knew was what she felt. She felt something deep, dark, and ugly lurking in the late night shadows.
 “God, be my Angel and guide me home.”  She whispered.
 The nineteen year old shifted the backpack that hung casually over her shoulder and begin to walk away from the collage to her dorm. She would go to her room, call a cab, grab the few necessities she would need for the weekend, and be safely home in about twenty minutes.
 Amber quickened her steps; she always felt safer when she was with people she loved. She would get to see Derrick again, and Amy… she always had a way of making her laugh.
 One of Amber’s favorite things was the weekend heart-to-heart talks her sister and she would have. During those talks Amber felt like she could see right into Amy’s soul.
 Amber smiled to herself. She had missed the last three weekends with her sister. Seeing her would be great.
 Amber’s thoughts shifted back to the danger she felt and she quickened her steps.
 The night felt so dark... Fear gripped her entire being. She then realized her hands were trembling in her pockets.
 God, why do I feel like this?
 Amber knew she just needed to focus on getting home right now. She didn’t need to let her thoughts dwell on the fear that was gripping her. Besides, it was probably just the devil bothering.
 “God, you are my Light and my Salvation, I have no reason to fear1. Please, if there is any danger, please protect me.” She continued on to pray in her spirit language.
 Amber decided to think of thoughts of home, rather than the fear that plagued her….

 Amber cheerfully tapped on her sister’s bedroom door before stepping inside; she bounced over to Amy’s bed and jumped on it.
 Amy was standing on a chair pinning up a police poster.
 Amber cocked her head. “Another police poster.” She stated rather than asked.
 She glanced around Amy’s room; police posters were hung up everywhere. Posters from movies and real life; you name it and her sister had it.
 Amy looked down from her chair at Amber. She grinned and jumped straight from the chair onto the bed. “Yeah! It’s from a new show I like!” Amy brought her knees up to her chest, resting her chin on them.
 Amber chuckled. “You SO want to be a police officer!”
 Amy straightened in defense.  “I do not! It’s a fascination of mine, nothing more.”
 Amber laughed. “No one can be that fascinated with something.” Amber finished with a wink.
 Amy shook her head. “I REALLY do not want to be a police. I’d never make it, I’m weak, and I can’t even do pushups!” Amy smiled. "Really, it’s just an admiration of mine... Being a police officer is not for me.”
 Amber reached forward, taking Amy’s hand gently, she turned the conversation to more of a serious note. “Just remember a dream that might seem impossible can be possible with God. If you don't want to be a police officer and if that’s not what God has called you to, that’s fine.  But if you do, don’t let anything stop you. With God you can dream big. Trust Him, Amy, and you can walk on water and won’t sink….”

 Amber smiled. She loved Amy; she was so silly and fun. She sure loved her.
 And that particular talk a year ago was a special one.
 Amber deeply desired for her sister to pursue the calling God had for her. Amber just knew-
 Amber paused, the sound of a vehicle behind her causing her to turn around. A black van inched along the sidewalk. The man driving wore a hood and was looking straight at her.
 Amber’s breath caught in her throat as she turned around. She picked up her pace a little; concerned they were up to no good.
 She could hear the van speed up.
 She reached in her hip pocket for her phone. After pulling it out she shakily and quickly dialed for the police. Her stomach lurched. Her phone was dead.
 She glanced behind her; the van was still close.
 The van was gaining. Her phone was dead... she didn’t know what else to do but run.
 She knew those men were after her.
 Throwing her phone aside and her backpack off her shoulder; she broke into a full run.
 The van sped up again. She ran with all her might.
 Footsteps pounded close behind her. Amber glanced back to see a masked man running behind her  She almost screamed but turned her focus back to the path ahead; speeding up her pace.
 He must have jumped out of the van.
 She ran. He chased.
 Amber could hear her heart pounding in her ears; she could feel him right behind her.
 He was going to catch her….
 Male hands grabbed her arm and slammed her hard against him; his hands gripped her waist tightly. She went to scream but a gloved hand slammed over her mouth. She tried to fight but it was useless.
 Her eyes widened when out of the corner of her eye she saw him bringing a needle down to her neck. She felt the pain as he stabbed into her skin.
 And then there was complete darkness.


12:07 a.m

 Mrs. Riley’s fingers shook as she dialed 911.

“It’s my daughter, I can't get a hold of her; she was supposed to be here hours ago. Her friends say she never came back to her room and I’ve called her college, she isn’t there….”

 Amber flinched as she was thrown into a dark room.
 She waited a moment to let her head clear before setting up. The faces of many girls around the room came into a fuzzy view. Most were pale, their eyes were dark: many lay groaning and crying. Some looked half asleep.
 Amber blinked. Where am I? What am I doing here? Who brought me here?
 She continued to look around the room. Amber’s eyes locked with a blonde girl that was staring at her with dark eyes.
 Amber swallowed hard.
 The girl, without emotion, stated bluntly, “Welcome to hell.”

 “God, help her, I can’t live without her! I love her so much!” The young man prayed desperately.

 “Why aren’t you finding my daughter?!” She screamed at the detective.

 Amber screamed in pain as he slapped her.

 “God, help my daughter!” Her father prayed.

 A tear slid down her cheek as she took the drugs.

 “God, please help my daughter!” She sobbed.

 Amber was numb; she couldn’t feel... Her life was over. Useless.

 “We believe she might have been taken for sex trafficking...” She looked at her husband with horror at the detective’s cold news.

 Amber knew it was close to the end... The pain was too much...she hurt...she couldn’t make it.  Amy’s face popped in her mind.

 “God, what are we gonna do; I can’t live without my daughter!” A mother prayed through tears.

 The girls watched as the trafficker dragged lifeless Amber out of the room, slamming the door in their faces. Another girl dead, due to this horrible place.

 “God, please bring my baby back to me!”

 The girls scrambled to one corner as the police shouted orders and handcuffed the traffickers.

 “Your daughter is believed to be dead. I’m so sorry.”
 She broke into sobs as she leaned against her sobbing husband....

 The young girl slid down the wall onto the floor, in the dark corner of her bedroom... “GOD!” She shouted at the top of her lungs. “HOW CAN I MAKE IT WITHOUT MY SISTER!”

I am so proud of my sister! She did an absolutely epic job on these books!

(the SHIELD series will be available on Amazon!)

But thou, O Lord, art a Shield for me; my glory, and the Lifter up of mine head.
The SHIELD.... Amy Riley is successful NYC photographer, living in a gorgeous apartment with plenty of money.  She should be one of the happiest people on earth. But she's not? Why?
Because she's running from the calling God has for her in being a NYPD police officer. Fear grips her life. She feels she's not capable of the calling.
      With God's help, Amy take's the Savior's hand and launches on the journey of being an officer. Pain grips so much of her life. Hurt from a dark past stays with her.
      But the importance of doing what God says is discovered.
And most importantly, a SHIELD is found. And is always there.
             The SHIELD 2.... Lydia Myers is a survivor of human trafficking; only she still lives in complete pain and torment.
The lead singer for a local band, Lights, is also a survivor of human trafficking, but lives in peace and happiness.
The singer starts a small group for girls who have come from human trafficking, hoping to encourage and share with them how she found freedom in Christ. And show them how they can too.
Lydia attends, hoping to find a way to find peace. She is so tired of living in torment. She knows something has to change.
Fear threatens to grip the lives of several citizens of NYC. But, a SHIELD is found... and rediscovered.

Beth jane is an 18 year old author that loves her Jesus. She is in awe of all He’s done for her.  She desires to share with others of Him! She wrote the Shield series during her 16th and 17th year.
She’d be so blessed if you would like to follow her journey.
You can check out her blogs, , where she is doing a blog book, and her other blog, She has a YouTube channel called Wholeheartedly Abandoned and her Instagram is @bethjane_author! God Bless you all! Psalm 27!

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I hope that ya'll enjoyed this and don't forget to follow the rest of the tour and get your copy of the SHIELD series!

God Bless you all!!

Isaiah 55:8-13 (KJV)



  1. Thanks so much for kicking us off!! You did a great job!! And Thanks for all your help!!!!

  2. Olivia Bell (aka Livy)January 15, 2018 at 6:24 PM

    Yay! This was amazing and I am *oh so excited* for this book!!!! I'm so proud of Beth! =)


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