Sunday, February 28, 2016

F Troop...

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Oh, there are sooo many things that I love about the funny F Troop!! I didn't even know about F Troop until a few years ago...and it's never lost it's funny-no matter how many times I watch it!!!!
I really like how Sergeant O'Rourke and Corporal Agarn are such good friends-and how they have O'Rourke Enterprises going on secretly!!!! It's so funny how Agarn cries and Sergeant try's to comfort him!!
And the way Captain Parmenter is more like their friend then Captain!! He's sooo funny and the way is always tripping over something...hilarious!!
I like how Wrangler Jan is with Captain Wilton!! It's so cute how Serg. and Agarn treat her like their sister and how they want Captain and Jan to get married!!!! And of course the way she dresses is the best part!! 
And Wild Eagle, Crazy Cat, Dobbs, and Duffy are all sooooo funny-especially the Indians!!! They all make up F Troop!! It's like Wild Eagle is the same way with Crazy Cat that Serg. is with Agarn-almost!!
Luv ya'll, F Troop stars!!

God Bless!!


(Sorry for mistakes)

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Serg., Agarn, Captain, and Jan.

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Serg., Agarn, Jan, and Captain.

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Serg., and Agarn.

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Jan and Captain. 

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Wild Eagle and Crazy Cat.

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And once again, the four favorite's!!


  1. OH MY GOODNESS I LUV F-TROOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They are soooooo hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sarge and Agarn together are PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. ikr!!!! they are some of the best!!!!!!
      Is. 53:5


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